• wooden frames for sofas
  • wooden frames for beds and bed front ends
  • wooden elements for mobile homes and trailers (switched order)
  • organic programme
  • Frames

    • Sofa frames are made in numerous versions.
    • Materials for such products are adjusted according to loads, type of coupling, customer desires, and many other factors.
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    Pull out beds

    • Frames can have an additional bed with different pull-out options.
    • Visible parts may be produced in different colour decors.
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    • Armchairs can be designed and produced up to the upholstery phase.
    • Different suspension types are possible.
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  • Beds

    • We are very adaptable in bed and endings production - there are many possibilities with different dimensions and constructions according to customer demand.
    • We use everything for production, from chipboards and plywood, thin MDF panels, hardboards, etc.
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