About us

Visteam Črnomelj d.o.o. is a private company and was founded in 1995. We are an innovative wood-processing company located in the SE of Slovenia. We are specialised for construction and production of wooden frames for upholstery furniture, beds, front bed panels and elements for mobile homes and trailers. Our efforts to be innovative and provide quality have included intensive upgrades of the equipment and investment into production modernisation during all the years, and this way we followed the needs and desires of customers. Beside other carpentry machines, we also have powerful CNC machines for cutting and processing sheet material, which enables precise production, flexibility and short response time for realisation of specific customer demands.

  • Our basic activity is the production of wooden frames for upholstery furniture.
  • We have many years of experience in production of wooden frames for beds and bed front ends.
  • We specialise in the production of wooden details for the equipment of mobile homes and trailers.
  • We have expanded our production to include the production of complex organic programmes of wooden frames, where the use of wooden joints is desired – with no metal parts.
  • Upon customer request, we participate in the design and development of new products.
  • We also offer engineering services.


  • Cutting and processing of sheet material with a CNC machine
  • Processing and dowelling of wooden elements with CNC machines
  • Assembly of wooden elements
  • Consultations and development of frames for new sofas
  • Engineering services